download 9appsA report says Google is shut to getting a stake in Taiwan-centered smartphone maker HTC, whose logo is displayed at the 2017 Cellular World CongressnnGoogle is founded to announce it is acquiring area of Taiwan-dependent smartphone maker download 9apps HTC, the Wall Street Journal noted Wednesday.nnThe deal for HTC's smartphone style and design unit would give the US tech big additional command of its mobile handset components as it seeks to bolster its problem to market leaders jointly with Apple and Samsung.nnGoogle did not react to an AFP dilemma on the report, which explained an announcement could appear later on on in the working day.nnHTC is presently a associate of the California large and has built the Google-branded Pixel smartphone, an update of which is recognized to be unveiled upcoming 30 day interval.nnBut the tie-up could give Google larger opportunity to combine smartphone components and its Android performing laptop application in the actual identical way as Apple, a element which is noticed as supporting the Apple iphone.nnHTC shares have fallen sharply about the before handful of various many years as its smartphone sector share has dropped. Shopping for and providing in HTC was suspended pending an announcement.nnIt would not be the quite initial foray into components for Google, which in 2012 acquired handset maker Motorola for $twelve.five billion, only to market it two decades afterwards for noticeably a lot less than $3 billion.
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